Purchase Management

To purchase something in SolutionKloud is easy - you create a customized blank purchase order or duplicate existing POs.
You can upload your own company logo & specify other company details.

You can select a supplier using the convenient autocomplete feature - which automatically populates their address & other details.
You can enter line items in the same way (saving you time from data entry)

Once a PO has been approved it can be emailed to suppliers directly from the application (with comments & attachments).
Other options include the ability to export a PO to PDF format.

A detailed audit trail is kept for any changes made to the PO's and other relevant information.


(we promise it only takes a few minutes to get started)


In purchasing, management authorisation (approvals) of created purchase orders is a critical point.
SolutionKloud is appropriately set up in order to prevent unauthorised spending & money flow.

Unless users creating POs are permitted to bypass approvals they must get approval from managers before sending POs to suppliers.
Users can send POs for approval to multiple managers.

Managers have the ability to approve, reject, or forward requests with comments. If all managers have approved a PO it can be sent to the supplier - if rejected, purchasers can make the necessary changes to the PO & resubmit it for approval.
Managers can forward approval requests to others as well.

(our embedded tour will guide you step-by-step)

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